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House Democratic leaders react to special session call

After Gov. Bill Lee’s call for a special legislative session on public safety on Aug. 21st, leaders of the Tennessee House Democratic Caucus put their positions on the session on the record.

House Minority Leader Karen Camper of Memphis said the Caucus was looking forward to working with Lee and House Republicans to “enact meaningful legislation regarding sensible, bipartisan gun reform and public safety.

“We know that Tennesseans across the state in both urban and rural communities are watching closely to ensure that we address the issues of unlicensed gun sales, extreme risk and protection orders and access to assault weapons and high capacity magazines.”

Camper said the House Democratic Caucus was prepared to meet the challenge during the regular session to keep Tennesseans safe.

“It is unfortunate that our Republican colleagues decided to ignore our calls for action.  As we wait for the August special session, we will continue to work towards our goal to create a Tennessee where public safety is a priority.”

Gov. Lee signs school safety bill after Nashville shooting

John Ray Clemmons

House Democratic Caucus Chair John Ray Clemmons of Nashville said was glad to see Lee “finally responding to the ongoing pleas of an overwhelming majority of Tennesseans begging us to take immediate, necessary action….

“I remain seriously concerned about the inexcusable delay and his willingness to legislatively address the real problem that is causing these continued threats of harm to our children and communities.”


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