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A recent interview with comedian DeRay Davis proves that not all pedophiles are men. The comedian recently went on Vlad TV and said he lost his virginity at 11 years old in a threesome with two 30-year-olds who were his mother’s so called friends.

In a 10-minute video recently posted to the site, at around the 6:00 mark, Davis starts talking about his experience after the Vlad interviewer brings up the sexual assault charges that are proliferating in Hollywood and refers to them as “the apocalypse.”

AdvertisementThey started talking about the Harvey Weinstein and Terry Crews allegations, and then the story turned to Davis himself.

“I’ve been as a young guy … my mother’s friends … my mother was involved in a lot of stuff. But I’ve had older women … that have taken advantage of me.”

AdvertisementHe called them two “ugly, horrible-looking women.” He said he was “11 going on 12 and had no hair on me.” He called it “disgusting.” He said that to this day, it’s difficult for him to “go down” on women because of what the two women did to him as a child.

He called the women’s vaginas a “scary jungle” and a “terrible place to be” and “made [his] Kool-Aid taste different.”

And though someone in the background laughs and Davis smiles, this really is no laughing matter.

We are thankful to him for sharing his story and hope that he has dealt with his sexual assault—because what happened to him was a rape—as a child.

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