In Memphis to support the presidential bid of her husband, former Vice President Joe Biden, Jill Biden said, “We need a candidate who understands the power of kindness, one that can remind us that our differences are precious and our similarities infinite.” (Photo: Tyrone P. Easley)

With voters in Tennessee and 13 other states preparing to head to the polls for Super Tuesday (March 3), a Sunday afternoon “meet and greet” with Jill Biden rallied hundreds of Joe Biden supporters to post signs and knock on doors.

Loflin’s Yard in Downtown Memphis was the setting.

The presidential candidate’s wife called his win in the South Carolina Saturday (Feb. 29) “a great night,” and pressed attendees to get out the vote to elect a candidate to “fix what has been broken in Washington.”

“We need a candidate who understands the power of kindness, one that can remind us that our differences are precious and our similarities infinite,” she said. “We have forgotten that our community and our country is capable of beautiful and powerful things because for the past two years, we’ve seen such ugliness come from the top, President Trump.

“We need a president who knows the power of kindness and can bring this country back together. And, that candidate is my husband, Joe Biden.”

Shelby County Mayor Lee Harris, an avid Biden supporter, welcomed Jill Biden.

“You all remember what happened in 2018. No Democrat held any of the countywide elected offices,” he said. “But because you stepped up, got out the vote and got activated, Democrats now control all 10 countywide elected offices. …

“In Shelby County, we have a chance to do it again because Jill Biden and Vice-President Joe Biden have put it all on the line for all of us. …”

Biden ended her speech with a personal pitch about her husband.

“My husband has seen his share of bullies, trials and tragedies. But they never made him feel cynical,” she said, declaring that Joe Biden is more committed than ever to work for change on multiple fronts, including civil rights, healthcare and gun reform.

“Joe has the character and the experience to turn this country around on day one.”

State Rep. Barbara Cooper (D-86) was among the Biden supporters in attendance.

“There are some good candidates, but as I read about and have observed Joe Biden over the years, he has a proven record of serving under the first African-American president, Barack Obama,” Cooper said.

“We must be honest about how things are now with this current president. Joe Biden is honest, not perfect, but the most perfect one in the race, in my view.”

Community activist Georgia King said Biden would be sensitive to people in poverty.

“I believe Mr. Biden would attend to areas in the Mississippi Delta and Appalachia where people are living in poverty, also people in our local communities are suffering,” King said. “I believe he cares about the poor.”

Supporter Patsy Riddle said, “I am here to support Joe Biden because I believe he has the knowledge, temperament and the experience to be a great president.”

GALLERY: Photos by Tyrone P. Easley