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Keshia Knight-Pulliam ‘fears’ for newborn’s safety around Ed Hartwell

Keshia Knight-Pulliam says that she is afraid for the safety of her newborn child because her ex, Ed Hartwell, is on a cocktail of prescription drugs.

According to theJasmineBrand.com, Pulliam claims that Hartwell takes the cocktail of drugs and becomes drowsy during the day. The cocktail allegedly includes drugs like OxyContin/oxycodone (a narcotic), anti-depressants and a host of other drugs that she says he is taking in order to deal with physical and mental problems leftover from his time in the NFL.

— Keshia Knight Pulliam says she was offered WIC after giving birth — 

In addition to fearing for her newborn baby’s safety because of the drug cocktail, Pulliam claims that she witnessed Hartwell bursting into a fit of rage before she filed the divorce papers.

What’s more, Pulliam says that she recently learned that Hartwell is staying with his new girlfriend. She claims that since she does not know this woman, she wants a court-appointed official to be present in order to investigate the home to see if it is safe for her daughter, Ella Grace, to live there. She also wants this new girlfriend to be investigated to see if her mental and physical state is conducive to raising a baby.

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