LEGACY: Robert L. Calico Sr.


by Roquita Coleman-Williams

At this moment, I am torn by both pain and pride. My father, Robert L. Calico Sr. passed away March 8, 2018 at 70 years old. Just hours after my father took his last breath, my son Jamie Martin boarded a flight to London, taking 9 underserved Memphis high school students to study abroad in Ghana with One Step Initiative

My father was a proud LeMoyne-Owen College undergraduate alum. He attained his Masters degrees from Trevecca Nazarene University and was a passionate mathematician who devoted his life to educating our next generation, first as a Memphis City Schools teacher, then higher learning at the University of Memphis and Southwest Tennessee Community College.

My father’s book gifts were widely known in the family. When Jamie was 10 years old, his grandfather gave him a volume of College Algebra books. With hours of tutoring with his grandfather, he had everything he needed to excel. One of my father’s proudest moments was the day Jamie left for a one-year international exchange program in France. He was Lausanne Collegiate’s first international exchange student to complete a full year abroad and the first student in our family to study abroad.

Today, my father is in heaven and my son is traveling with Memphis high school students on a life changing educational experience in Africa.

My father would be so very proud.

In lieu of flowers, please take this opportunity to help high school students from underserved communities study abroad.

Education is my father’s legacy.

One Step Initiative Beyond Borders