LENS AND LINES: Hamilton High School’s Freshman Academy on a mission


by Shirley Jackson, Special to The New Tri-State Defender

At Hamilton High School, the Freshman Academy is on a mission – to get as many members of the Class of 2023 to graduate as possible.

Within the Academy are “Ambassadors,” who provide peer tutoring and leadership.

Last week, a high-profile community leader, Shelby County Sheriff Floyd Bonner Jr., visited the school to deliver encouragement.

Bonner, the first African American elected the county’s sheriff, shared his upbringing in Orange Mound as he made the point that the students could become whatever they dreamed of and worked to achieve.

“The purpose of the Freshman Academy is to provide guidance to freshman students transitioning to high school and provide them with resources that will help them be successful during their freshman year,” said Cicely Brooks, coordinator of the Freshman class.

“I was very excited Sheriff Bonner took out the time to speak with and encourage our students to be committed to their education and graduate in the class of 2023.”