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Leslie Jones’ commentary may be the best thing about the Winter Olympics


Look. The Winter Olympics are not always the most exciting thing to watch, don’t get mad, it’s true but if you want to make it fun, all you have to do is watch it when Leslie Jones is watching and follow along as she live tweets. Now that is fun.

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If you don’t believe it, I dare you to take a peek at her Twitter account and not giggle at least a little bit. On Saturday night she went wild with a tweet-a-thon and even filmed herself talking to her television set during the ice skating competition.

You see her excitement, she was all about the Winter Olympics outfits, the music and was in awe of the artistry that went into the routines.

In one of the videos, she posted she can be heard saying, “I see somebody talked to somebody about them outfits because dude got it going on tonight. You see the little glitter line going down the side of the pants? They dope!”

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That doesn’t mean she was a huge fan of all the outfits though. When 3-time German champions Kavita Lorenz and Joti Polizoakis got on the ice for their part of the Winter Olympics she just tweeted, “The outfits ok.”

She did get excited for their performance as it went on, however, saying, “The dude’s back is out! He’s killing the game right now. He’s killing the game! You know how he’s standing. He’s standing how I feel when I get my nails and my feet done and I want to stand outside of Bloomingdale’s and pose.”

Leslie even loved their music, tweeting, “PLEASE I NEED TO KKOW WHAT THIS SONG IS.”

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She was also in awe of American figure skating duo, Alex Shibutani and Maia Shibutani. The pair are brother and sister and the team calls them the ShibSibs, cute, right? While she was watching, Jones yelled at the television, “This is definitely not something I could do with my brother! Trust me. It would be the worst routine ever…I would not be able to get along with my brother enough to trust him to do a damn triple axel throw.”

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