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Michelle Johnson: ‘Seeds of Wisdom for Cosmetologists and Barbers’

Memphis-area hairstylists and barbers looking for inspiration on how to take their talents and business endeavors to the next level don’t have to look too far.

Southaven-based salon owner Michelle Johnson created an insider’s handbook, “Seeds of Wisdom for Cosmetologists and Barbers,” to illustrate how to reap the benefits of the beauty salon industry.

Whether a seasoned hairstylist or recent beauty school graduate, the book teaches how to utilize your skills and love for doing hair to create a future, using the word of God. It also addresses building successful businesses, gaining freedom and living life on your own terms.

“I was inspired by the Holy Spirit,” Johnson said.

It’s not a concept or a get-rich-quick strategy. It’s about developing a completely new mindset and a brand new way to approach being a hairstylist. This book will change the way stylists attract clients and the way they think about their careers.

“I wrote this manual to help other stylists and barbers avoid some common pitfalls. I must be honest and transparent in order to help you, because whoever the Son of God sets free is free indeed.

“We are free to deal with issues without getting offended,” Johnson said. “I wrote this book also because I know deep in my heart, if you apply these principles, your business will be a success and will receive monetary rewards.”

Johnson, a native of Memphis who has been in the cosmetology industry for 25 years, managed God Is Good Hair Salon for six years and then stepped out on faith and bought her own shop. She is the owner of Fountain of Love Hair Salon in Southaven, Miss., and her team consists of seven beauticians that all specialize in healthy hair.

A devoted wife of 21 years — and a mother and grandmother — Johnson loves to teach the word of God and encourage others that they can make it in the beauty industry and wherever they desire regardless of what they’ve gone through.

“After seeing the transition of the hair industry changing and wanting to help stylists, especially younger hairstylists, run a business, I knew this book was needed.”

Johnson shares the experiences of her own life to encourage readers to be the best stylists they can be. Part memoir, part business manual and part coaching guide, the book focuses on achieving the highest success in the beauty industry.

Although the main audience for the book is hairstylists, it has helped me in areas such as business development, branding and ways to work smarter. It’s shown me how to take my career around the world and I am not in the beauty industry! The principles can be applied to any industry or business.

Michelle Johnson is a motivational speaker and is available for speaking engagements. Contact her at www.michellejohnsonbook.com.

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