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Miss Teen USA 2016 receives backlash for excessive use of the N-word

Karlie Hay, the newly crowned Miss Teen USA, has been dragged all over Twitter for her excessive use of the N-word.

Shortly after Hay was crowned, posts from her Twitter account from January 2014 and July 2013 surfaced online, showing Hay’s use of the N-word repeatedly and often, and it wasn’t long before the internet started to come out against her, wondering how she could be awarded the Miss Teen USA honor with an account riddled with racial slurs.

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Among the naysayers was former Miss Teen USA Kamie Crawford, who seemed to be shocked that Hay was not better prepared for cleaning up her public image: “If u win any pageant – first things first. Clean up ur page. Cus if ur under 21 u shouldn’t b drinking&if ur WHITE the n word ain’t yo word!”

Although Hay has not issued a direct apology, she did say that she had been “using language publicly in the past which I am not proud of.”

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But no one is impressed by her non-apology.

Director Xavier Burgin, one of the first to share the screenshots, tweeted: ‘You can win Miss Teen USA, you can handle the extra (justified scrutiny) for your racist behavior” and then added “And @MissTeenUSA needs to address this and revoke Karlie Hay’s win, or set the precedent racists are welcome to their event.”






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