According to the Capital Gazette, a civilian employee of the Anne Arundel County (Md.) Police Department has been suspended after making an insensitive comment on Facebook about the slaying of Richard Collins III.

Now let’s run this story through the media-bias algorithm and translate this story as if the offender were black:

After an extremist killed a military hero in cold blood, his terror cell went on social media to glorify the violent plot and perpetuate the gang behavior of the criminals who murdered an American soldier.

Welby Burgone, a police academy recruit, worked in the Anne Arundel County, Md., police department’s communications department as a civilian employee. Burgone was also a classmate of Sean Christopher Urbanski, the savagely violent 22-year-old charged with plunging a knife into the chest of Richard Collins III days before Collins was scheduled to graduate from Bowie State University. Collins also had recently been commissioned as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army.

Apparently, Burgone hung out with a group of no-good gangsters who preyed on innocent people, and when one of them went on Facebook to praise the homicidal act, Burgone couldn’t help but chime in because, you know, “those people” have no self-control.



If you think referring to these thugs as “gangsters” is pejorative, you should know that these men consider themselves “original gangsters,” a term used almost exclusively by young Caucasian males who saw Boyz n the Hood late one night on HBO while making crystal meth in the bathtub or caught Menace to Society on Hulu. When news of the crime spread on white Twitter, Matt Worth, one of Urbanski and Burgone’s homeboys, updated his status with:

Fuck Yeah Sean!!!! That’s what happens when niggas try and get frosty with an OG. Talk shit, stabbed, lol

Burgone—again, who had been recruited to be a police officer—liked the post so much he didn’t just simply give it the obligatory thumbs-up, he thought it more prudent to join in. He posted a meme with …

You know what? I wouldn’t want to do Welby Burgone’s reply an injustice by simply describing it. We all know that wypipo are genetically inferior when it comes to memes, so here it is:

WTOP via Facebook screenshot

To its credit, when the Anne Arundel police department heard about the racist posts, it immediately suspended Burgone and issued a statement that read:

The actions of this employee are a betrayal of the values of the Anne Arundel County Police Department. Any employee who espouses or supports hateful or racist ideology will be held accountable and we will not allow the public’s trust in their police department to be eroded.

The statement made no mention of one incontrovertible fact that bears repeating once more: A police department thought this guy would make an excellent law-enforcement officer because obviously, his decision-making skills demonstrate that he would have no problem assessing situations with a gun in his hand.


To be fair, we must acknowledge that young Caucasian males grow up accustomed to gun violence that manifests itself as school shootings, white supremacy or stabbing soldiers in the chest at bus stops, so we shouldn’t blame them for espousing hate on the internet. We should recognize that they are trapped in the inner cities with nothing but privilege, sharp knives and all those exclamation marks. What should we expect of them?

Look at the name! Only someone whose parents were uneducated would be named “Welby.” Why not something American like Jeff, Michael or Jamaal? (I guarantee there are more Jamaals in the U.S. than Welbys.) That’s why thugs with names like Urbanski can indiscriminately kill all-American kids like Collins. CNN reports that Urbanski, who’s charged with first- and second-degree murder in Collins’ death, was a member of a white supremacist Facebook group called “Alt-Reich: Nation.”

We must stop these dangerous gangbangers and radical extremists before they ruin America.


How’s that for clickbait?

Read more at the Capital Gazette. 

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