Here are seven takeaways from Chalkbeat’s forum for Shelby County Schools board candidates

Chalkbeat Tennessee hosted its inaugural forum for school board candidates Thursday. Over 200 students, parents, and community members showed up and weighed in on the issues they thought were most important.

Eleven of 15 candidates participated in two panel discussions. Some agreed, and some were split on issues like student discipline, school closures, and making schools a safe space for LGBTQ and immigrant students. In case you missed it, we pulled out some key highlights. Read them here.

If you attended the event, reply to this email and let us know what you thought! What questions do you still have for board candidates? We want to know. If you didn’t attend, please take a look at the recap and forward this email to a fellow voter.

Some reminders: early voting runs through July 28, and the election will take place on Aug. 2. In case you missed it, we also spoke in-depth with candidates about their stances on education issues in a questionnaire you can find here.

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