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TSSAA Championships: Ridgeway runs away with David Crockett 62-39, advances to next round

In a thrilling Tennessee high school boys basketball playoff game, the Ridgeway Roadrunners emerged victorious over the David Crockett Pioneers with a final score of 62-39. ​ Led by standout player Brian Carter, who contributed 23 points, the Roadrunners dominated the game from start to finish, showcasing their offensive prowess and defensive tenacity. Carter’s ability to score from all areas of the court, combined with his strong rebounding and defensive presence, proved to be a key factor in Ridgeway’s success.

The Roadrunners’ dominance extended beyond Carter, as Rayshun Golden, Marlon McShane, Joshua Thornton, and Emanuel Allen all made significant contributions to the team’s victory. Golden’s perfect shooting performance, McShane’s scoring ability and playmaking skills, Thornton’s defensive prowess, and Allen’s dominance on the boards all played a crucial role in Ridgeway’s offensive and defensive success.

Defensively, Ridgeway stifled the David Crockett offense, limiting their scoring opportunities and forcing turnovers. ​ The Roadrunners’ relentless pressure and disciplined defense resulted in numerous steals and disrupted the Pioneers’ offensive flow. With a strong defensive effort from the entire team, Ridgeway was able to control the game and prevent David Crockett from mounting a comeback. ​

In terms of statistics, Ridgeway outperformed David Crockett in several key areas. ​ The Roadrunners displayed their shooting efficiency, with a field goal percentage of 56.3% compared to the Pioneers’ 30.4%. Ridgeway also dominated the rebounding battle, grabbing a total of 31 rebounds compared to David Crockett’s 25. ​

With this victory, Ridgeway advances to the next round of the playoffs, while David Crockett’s season comes to an end. ​ The Roadrunners’ impressive performance in this game sets them up as a formidable contender in the upcoming games. As they continue their playoff journey, Ridgeway will look to build on their success and maintain their winning momentum.

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