Pest problems at Kirby High School in Memphis will keep the building closed the rest of the semester, district officials announced at a faculty meeting Thursday.

A rat’s nest found near the school has kept students out of school for five days so far and a full remedy would take about six to eight weeks, according to United Education Association president Tikeila Rucker, who was at the meeting.

The county health department had cleared the school to reopen Tuesday but a resurgence caused classes to be canceled Thursday and Friday.

Possible relocations that have been suggested by teachers and board member Kevin Woods include Hickory Ridge Mall, nearby churches, or a community center.

Kirby High has about 800 students, according to Woods.

The ordeal has been “traumatic” to teachers, Rucker said.

“I personally would not have been back after the first day I saw anything,” she told Chalkbeat.

A community meeting is planned for 5:30 p.m. Thursday at Hickory Ridge Middle School.

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