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Roland S. Martin “Unfiltered” as he delivers message at New Olivet

Award-winning journalist, commentator and TV host Roland S. Martin was the featured speaker at New Olivet Baptist Church on Sunday, March 4.

Martin, the former host of NewsOneNow on TVOne, told the congregation at New Olivet to “Walk in your destiny.”

“The four most powerful words in the Bible that we mostly ignore are ‘Thy will be done,’” Martin said, saying that he signs his books with instructions for the reader to do God’s will.

“See when you set out to do God’s will, you are removing yourself from the equation,” Martin continued. “You become secondary to what it is that you’re supposed to be doing.

Martin is no preacher, but he knew scripture and how to get the crowd fired up. He did just that as he spoke about how, in 2000, God laid out a vision for his life that he was eager to get to work on. Then God told him to wait.

“God told me to write all this stuff down,” Martin said. “And then I got finished, and I was like, okay, time to get started. But God said, ‘I need you to wait. I got all these people and things I need to line up.”

Martin said a few days after that was when he got a call about doing some political commentating on a new cable network. The rest is more or less history.

He closed with a call to discipleship: “Today is the day to give God your life! When somebody asks what happened to you, you’ll say ‘I gave it to Him, He took it from there, and We are all good!”

Watch the service below. Martin’s message begins at about the 45-minute mark.

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