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Ryshonda Harper Beechem becomes first Black mayor of Mississippi town

Ryshonda Harper Beechem becomes first Black mayor of Mississippi town news Ryshonda Harper Beechem

(Photo: Facebook/Ryshonda Harper Beechem)

Mayor-elect Ryshonda Harper Beechem is the first African-American to be elected as mayor of Pelahatchie, Mississippi.

“I definitely would like everyone to know that I’m here to work for the residents of Pelahatchie,” she said, speaking about her upcoming term. “I just would like for them to give me an opportunity.”

“My doors are open if they have questions or concerns. They can feel free to contact me, and if it’s something that I know I can discuss, I don’t mind discussing it with you,” she added.

She went onto talk about her qualifications, saying, “I’ve ran several businesses, I’m a business owner. This is a business, basically to do what’s best for the town.”

Going on to speak about specifics, she mentioned a recreational park for youth, saying that she had spoken with Pelahatchie residents who wanted to see the park move forward. She called for the community to come together to better the town and expressed her hope that they could all work together moving forward.

As for her historic position, she said that she did “understand the dynamic of the situation” as the first African-American mayor but insisted that she did not feel that race was an issue for her and hoped that the rest of the community felt the same so that they could work together in harmony.

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