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‘SAM’ to host a special event for moms and moms’ helpers

Stephanie’s Advanced Mentoring (SAM) is welcoming mothers and other women caregivers of children to a very special Women’s History Month event. 

“My Mom Moments Matter” is set for March 29, 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., at The Memphis Dream Center at 255 N. Highland St. Women of all ages are welcome to attend.

SAM owner, Stephanie White, mother of local whiz kid, Sam White, will headline the gathering, dispensing helpful tricks and tips on how to raise a phenomenal child of exceptional learning ability and social acumen. (Sam’s “A-B-C, You Can Be” song captured the national spotlight on “The Ellen Show.”

“When I talk with other moms, they say to me, ‘I feel so inadequate standing next to you,’” said White. “It is because they are comparing my son, Sam, with their children. But a mother or caregiver of children can teach them early just as I did. 

“Any moment can be a teachable moment. Instead of listening to the radio, talk with your children about their day and what’s happening at school. Talking will help them enunciate words correctly with continued practice.”

White also invited three other presenters, who have impressive accomplishments. 

Sable Otey is senior vice-president of Triple M Agency, a financial planning entity; Betina Hunt, Ms. Tennessee Corporate America, and Tanisha Robinson is Co-CEO of Royalty Holistics.

Along with practical training for moms teaching young children, participants will learn, among other things, effective time management and optimal day planning, financial literacy, health and hygiene, holistic self-care.

Royalty Holistics will present self-care techniques and lessons in sustaining a consistent state of “healing” from sickness, trauma, and emotional “brokenness,” Robinson said.

“Ladies at the event can expect me to bring a holistic package of femininity,” said Robinson. “With a focus on self-love through introspection and health of the mind, body and spirit, participants will better understand our role as ‘nurturer and healer’ of our families and communities.”

“Holistic” is a term used in wellness that pertains to supporting “the whole person” to achieve healing — taking into account not only the physical symptoms of an illness or disorder, but also attending mental, emotional, social and spiritual well-being. 

Hunt won her Ms. Tennessee Corporate America title with her commitment to serving homeless women who struggle with “period poverty.” Her extensive work in this area has raised awareness about this little-known but widespread issue.

“Period poverty” is the inability to afford or access menstrual cycle products by impoverished and homeless women. 

Hunt, a minister as well as a life coach, says no one wants to talk about period poverty, but “we should treat it like it is everybody’s problem.”

Otey’s presentation teaches basic principles of financial literacy, how to save, eradicate debt, and achieve financial independence.

Otey is a highly sought public speaker, who was the first African-American woman to make the USA Olympic bobsledding team. 

White wants to provide women with a range of lessons and topics with SAM’s first major event for mothers.

White feels children should be taught basic reading and study skills early, but instruction in “social graces” helps them grow into polite and respectful individuals. 

“Children don’t say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ anymore,” White said. “That’s because there are not many ‘Big Mamas’ left. We must begin again to build the village; despite all the many challenges our families face.

“We must rebuild the village. And we are starting here, We are mommies helping other mommies.”

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