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Shady Phaedra Parks Caught in Yet Another Whopper, This Time About Trying to Rent Out Her House

Paras Griffin/Getty Images for 2017 Essence Festival

In the latest installment of When the Good Checks Stop Coming In, Phaedra Parks, attorney and, apparently, former cast member of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, tried to quietly make a few bucks by renting out her new home.

She was bounced from the show just a few months after purchasing a $1.91 million, six-bedroom, nine-bathroom mansion in Atlanta’s tony Buckhead area for spreading a vicious rumor about fellow cast member Kandi Burruss and then lying about it.

Like the rest of us hustling to pay that rent or mortgage, Parks posted her new home for rent on Zillow (us regular folks do Airbnb) for a hefty $10,556 a month, according to a report at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.



Parks must’ve got wind of the AJC report, because shortly after the story went up, the Zillow post was snatched down—which would have been fine, but noooooo. Miss Parks couldn’t leave well enough alone.

She then went on Twitter saying that the report was a lie and talking slick, saying she was on Martha’s Vineyard, and flinging hashtags like #IssaLie, #ImTheOnlyOneWhoLivesInBuckhead and #Unbothered.

Unfortunately for Miss Pants on Fire, there’s a little something called Google and caching, so folks were able to retrieve the original post. Zillow also has a listing of the history of the home on its site, and it clearly states that on July 26 it was available for rent.



Forget about Kendrick; can somebody please pray for Phaedra?

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