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Mint Condition lead singer making solo move


Although this article is in reference to “Introducing Stokley,” if you’re a true fan of R&B, then you know there’s no introduction needed.

Stokley Williams began his career 30 years ago, and we grew to know and love him as lead singer of the R&B sensation group Mint Condition. Mint Condition became a household name in the early 90s producing hits such as “You send me Swinging” and “Forever In Your Eyes.”

With the other members of Mint Condition having sailed off on their own personal projects, Williams knew it was time to embark on his own personal journey on a solo note. 

“I’ve really been doing music for over 30 years, but people became more familiar with me through the group”, said Williams 

“I plan on giving Memphis fans something energetic and dynamic,” Stokley said of his July 21 concert at the Orpheum.

In an exclusive interview with The New Tri-State Defender, Williams said, “I’ve …done solo projects as well, but I just wanted to continue to my own personal journey doing what I love, which is giving fans good music; it was time to make it official.”

Williams did not disappoint on his latest project “Introducing Stokley” (released June 2017) that was 20-plus years in the making. Now he is in tour, set to appear at the Orpheum on July 21.

 “I’m very excited to return to Memphis. we used to come here frequently with Mint Condition,” Williams said. “The food, the music, the people, the history and let’s not forget Beale Street. You really have no idea how special it is coming back as a solo artist. It’s awesome.”,

The show will be accented with special guests, as Stokley gives us the Mint Condition front man and Stokely the solo artist.

“It’s all about giving fans the whole part of me, not half of me,” Williams said. “I plan on giving Memphis fans something energetic and dynamic. It’s a party and a celebration of music and life.”

The show starts at 7 p.m., with limited tickets still available.