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‘Straight Outta Compton’ actor allegedly assaulted 18-year-old after just meeting her

Jason Mitchell, of Straight Outta Compton fame, is in hot water after he allegedly assaulted an 18-year-old woman, grabbing her and throwing her to the ground.

Mitchell, played the role as late rapper Eazy- E in the box office hit. He also received rave reviews for his potrayal of Eazy- E in the biopic about the 80’s rap group “NWA”.

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On Monday, according to the woman, Mitchell met the 18-year-old outside the Ritz-Carlton hotel.

Reports say the woman was allegedly trying to get into a private party Mitchell was hosting but was not allowed in and her response was negative. Witnesses from the party stated the woman hit Mitchell first and the alleged assault happen after.

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Others say, he had just met her and moments later he grabbed her by the arms, threw her to the ground by her hair, and called her a “b****.”

Since the incident, their were no arrest and Mitchell has been banned from the Ritz, according to TMZ.

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