A Texas deputy was arrested after firing his service weapon at a church in Ellis County, Texas, Texas officer upset over Dallas shootings gets drunk, fires gun at church after he got drunk and was upset over the recent shooting in Dallas.

–Dallas shooting suspect identified as 25-year-old Micah Johnson

Sommervell County Sheriff’s Deputy William Cox told police that he had been distraught over the recent shooting that killed five Dallas police officers. He said that he got drunk because he wanted to destress, and he ended up at the Shiloh Cumberland Presbyterian Church, where he shot his weapon at both the sky and the church.

–5 Dallas officers slain, 7 officers wounded in deadly shooting

In police body cam footage, Cox can be heard saying that he shot his weapon “cause my boys are getting killed in Dallas.” He can also be heard saying “the black c–n started killing my boys in Dallas.”

The church suffered some damage, as Cox has since been charged with deadly conduct. He was “immediately” fired from the Sommervell County Sheriff’s Office, though he was released the next day after the pastor of the church declined to press charges.

–Selma pastor, churchgoers hailed as heroes in church shooting