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The Stand Your Ground Law Protects Shooter Who Killed Black Man Over Parking Space, Sheriff Says

Markeis McGlockton (L) and Michael Drejka (R)
Screenshot: New York Post

Two men, Markeis McGlockton and Michael Drejka, got into an argument in a convenience Circle A Food store parking lot in Clearwater, Fla., over a parking spot. It’s been reported that Drejka was arguing with McGlockton’s girlfriend about them being parked in the handicap spot without a proper tag.

That argument ended with McGlockton, who is black, being fatally shot. But now we’ve found out that Drejka, the man who pulled the trigger, won’t even be arrested. Why? That same Stand Your Ground law that protected George Zimmerman after he stalked and fatally shot Trayvon Martin, is working for this shooter.


The Tampa Bay Times reported that Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said in a press conference that the shooting death of Markeis McGlockton, a 28-year-old father of three, is “within the bookends of stand your ground and within the bookends of force being justified.”

A man is well within his rights to shoot and kill someone over a parking spot? I wonder if those same rules would apply if the victim was white and the shooter was black?

Yes, McGlockton pushed Drejka, but that didn’t mean Drejka, who is white, had to shoot him. McGlockton was simply protecting this family, since Drejka seemed so adamant about arguing.


After McGlockton was shot in the chest, you can see him retreat to the inside of the store, holding his chest. Reportedly, McGlockton collapsed in the store, in front of his 5-year-old son and died shortly after that.

McGlockton’s girlfriend is devastated.

“It’s a wrongful death,” she told the Tampa Bay Times earlier Friday. “It’s messed up. Markeis is a good man. He was just protecting us, you know? And it hurts so bad.”


Jacobs is definitely seeking justice for the father of her children.

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