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Trump’s Ex-Campaign Chair Paul Manafort Is Going to Snitch 

Paul Manafort (right), then-campaign manager for then-Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, is interviewed by journalist John Dickerson on the floor of the Republican National Convention at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland on July 17, 2016. (Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Donald Trump’s ex-campaign manager Paul Manafort, aka Fumbleruski, aka Big Daddy Butt Chin, aka “I’m in a pee-stained Russian bed,” has been subpoenaed by the Senate Intelligence Committee and is expected to appear at the hearing Wednesday.

Manafort, whose name seems to come up so much in this administration’s Russia probe that I assumed he was Russian (spoiler: He’s not), was attempting to provide a statement to the committee without having to appear before the members, but committee Chairman Chuck Grassley and ranking member Sen. Dianne Feinstein shut all that down.


“While we were willing to accommodate Mr. Manafort’s request to cooperate with the committee’s investigation without appearing at Wednesday’s hearing, we were unable to reach an agreement for a voluntary transcribed interview with the Judiciary Committee,” Grassley and Feinstein said in a statement viewed by Politico. “Yesterday evening, a subpoena was issued to compel Mr. Manafort’s participation in Wednesday’s hearing.”

A person close to the proceedings told Politico that Manafort will be answering questions about the June 9, 2016, meeting between him, Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya.


“Manafort, who was Trump’s campaign chairman at the time, will also provide contemporaneous notes of the session,” a source told Politico.


Clearly Manafort is bringing receipts so that he can snitch. Unless, of course, his notes are all fake and merely talk about Russian adoption; then we have all been duped. But Manafort is the one person I’ve wanted to hear from since this Russian probe started, and either way, I’m here for this.

Read more at Politico.

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