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Trump Is a Passive-Aggressive Lover Who Needs to End It With Jeff Sessions

President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions at the White House March 29, 2017 (Shawn Thew-Pool/Getty Images)

Because the president handles his relationships like a Twitter-obsessed teen, the American public has been privy to the nightmare reality show that is the White House, and, it looks like Attorney General Jeff Sessions has upset the emperor.

On Tuesday morning, President “Da Fuq Is Wrong With This Man?” tweeted:

I guess the president doesn’t realize that he can demand an investigation, of which there have already been two, of Hillary Clinton should he deem so. But why bother the president with facts when he’s on a roll. Currently, the president has made it publicly clear that he’s upset with Sessions, and at this point, he should just end the relationship.



Considering the president was a reality-television fake mogul before becoming president, it’s safe to assume President AssFace has learned most of his president-ing from Game of Thrones. I guess the president expected Sessions to be the Hand of the King and essentially attack whoever the president deems a threat. It doesn’t work like that, and it might be time for King Geoffrey to eat the pie to realize that there is a proper way to go about this besides airing one’s dirty laundry all over the inter webs.

But, the president didn’t stop there, because why would he? He also went after the acting head of the FBI, Andrew McCabe:

Unlike many of the president’s tweets, this one isn’t entirely false. According to CNN:

McCabe’s wife, Dr. Jill McCabe, ran an unsuccessful Virginia state Senate campaign in 2015 as a Democrat. Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, who has ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton, helped fundraise for her campaign. From June to October 2015, McAuliffe’s political action committee made six contributions totaling $467,500 to McCabe’s campaign. In addition, campaign records show that the state Democratic Party, over which McAuliffe has great influence, made two other payments totaling $207,788 in September and October 2015.

Did the Clintons fundraise for McCabe’s wife? Yes! And that is totally legal, but the president makes it sound like the Clintons handed the McCabes $700,000 in a suitcase.



And this, my friends, is the crucial problem with this fake-ass president: He continuously pumps out fake-ass news and rumors and lies to his minions, who will follow him into hell, instead of the president actually learning the position of being president and representing the country with dignity and pride. It’s a shame that the person holding the highest office in the land is dragging his relationships on Twitter, but this is what it has become. At some point, the president’s hopes must be that either Sessions falls in line or quits, but he isn’t going to end the relationship, and why would he when he gets too much fun embarrassing Sessions publicly.

Read more at CNN.

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