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Uncut, unfiltered shows to get weeklong focus on KUDZUKIAN network

The KUDZUKIAN network will host a week of live podcasts covering a range of interests beginning Sept. 21 through Sept. 26 and airing nightly at 7 p.m.

Politics, business, Black women and blerds (Black nerds) are among the topics. Each night a different one-hour show will air. You can access the show @Kudzukian via Facebook, Instagram and YouTube as well as through the social media channels for each podcasts.

Scheduled guests and topics include:

* Dr. Stacy Spencer on the “Sell or Fail” podcast to discuss “Selling Jesus”;

* Whitney Hardy, creative entrepreneurship;

* Lodric D. Collins from “The Oval”;

* Hometown favorite Bertram Williams from “P Valley” and

* Shelby County Commissioner Tami Sawyer, the conspicuous absence of other voices in the Black struggle.

KUDZUKIAN launched its show in 2014 and now has 25 shows under the company umbrella, as well as multiple virtual-event production credits. The Memphis-based network is billed as providing “smart, funny, engaging content that has distinctly Southern ‘flava’ that” is universally appealing.”

Larry Robinson

“It’s hard to believe how much growth we’ve experienced,” said CEO Larry Robinson. “We’re the little network that could! Our team is so grateful to be able to amplify our distinctly Southern voices.

“The roll out of KUDZUKIAN Week is especially exciting,” said Robinson. “These are voices that are fresh perspectives. They’re uncut, unfiltered and most importantly unmarginalized. Tune in!”


* Monday, Sept. 21 – “Funky Politics” with host D.C.

* Tuesday, Sept. 22 – “The Grindset” with hosts Cynthia Daniels and Williams Brack.

* Wednesday, Sept. 23 – “R&R on Sports” with hosts Larry Robinson and Howard Robertson.

* Thursday, Sept. 24 – “Sell or Fail” with Williams Brack and Sam Nelson.

* Friday, Sept. 25 – “3BC/3 Black Chicks”. Followed by a virtual DJ set featuring Crystal Mercedes, aka the Runway DJ.

Saturday, Sept. 25 (Note: 12 noon) “Black Nerd Power: Power to the blerds!” with Markus Seaberry, Richard Douglas Jones and Kimber Stewart.



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