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Urban League warns Trump cuts could devastate black homeownership

President Donald Trump’s proposed budget is cutting the budget for the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the National Urban League is urging Americans to speak out against the cuts, which they say would devastate black homeownership.

They are asking voters to reach out to their representatives and provide the following letter template:

Dear Member of Congress:

Proposed federal budget cuts as outlined in the “skinny budget” released by the White House would be devastating to the critical economic, educational and social empowerment services the National Urban League and its 88 affiliates are providing around the country.

Thousands of Americans aged 55 and older have found stable, sustaining jobs through the National Urban League’s Urban Seniors Jobs Program, funded through the Department of Labor SCSEP Program, which provides subsidized, on-the-job training to help workers develop the skills and confidence they need in the workplace.

The National Urban League’s signature Urban Youth Empowerment Program, funded through the Department of Labor, transforms the lives of young people at-risk or caught up in the judicial system, bringing them together with opportunities for education, mentoring, counseling and job training.

The American Dream of homeownership is a reality for tens of thousands of families and individuals who have participated in the National Urban League’s housing counseling and foreclosure prevention programs, which are supported by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Middle school and high school students are getting a new glimpse of their own educational and professional potential from the role models in National Urban League’s Project Ready Mentor program, funded through the Department of Justice.

We cannot afford to sacrifice these incredibly successful, life-changing programs to an unnecessary and unrequested military spending spree. Please join us and vote against these cuts.


Your constituent

For more information visit iamempowered.com.

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