Okay, so there’s cute. Then there’s “Awww . . .” And then there’s this.

Because obviously, it’s cute when a child gets up to speak at an adult program. It’s “Awww…” when said child bashfully says he’s going to recite Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I’ve Been To The Mountaintop” speech at St. Jude’s “Spirit of the Dream” event, held Tuesday night.

But as seven-year-old Hilton Rawls III gains momentum in this clip, it becomes something else. It’s moving. It’s powerful. It’s stirring. You’ll see, because you’re going to watch this clip.

There’s something about hearing Dr. King’s incredibly profound wisdom come out of the mouth of a child . . . it does something to you. Maybe the way to fast-track racial healing in our community and our nation is to have children recite Dr. King’s speeches.

I vote that Hilton Rawls III goes first. And say a prayer for whoever has to follow him onstage — child or adult.