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What people are saying in wake of Orange Mound Block Party Shooting

Nine people shot. Two dead.

Those are among the latest casualties in Memphis’ ongoing war with gun violence. This time, it was an unsanctioned block party in Orange Mound where gunfire sent some people running for cover and others to the hospital.

Disturbing video from social media shows groups of young men waving guns in the air before the chaos ensued. Video from a dropped phone sounds like a war zone in Gaza or Ukraine, with the distinct chatter of automatic gunfire and screaming. This clip seems to catch the moment the gunfire started, followed by a stampede of people running for their lives:

Police are still searching for suspects, but the identities of the deceased have been confirmed:

And based on reactions on social media, people are searching for . . . . answers? Meaning? Sense? Maybe all of that. But from elected officials to community leaders, everyone wants the violence to stop. In a statement, Althea Greene, Chair of the MCSC School Board, chimed in on the tragedy:

“We are deeply saddened by the tragic mass shooting that happened in Orange Mound this past weekend. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who are deeply impacted by this tragedy. We echo the sentiments of our city and county leaders that we all must do our part to stop these senseless acts of violence and protect our young people and the future of this city.”

State Senator Antonio Parkinson, like many of us, is sending “thoughts and prayers” but says more action is needed to tighten up gun laws.

State Rep. Justin J. Pearson:

State Sen. Raumesh Akbari:

The TSD will provide more coverage as this story develops.

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