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BIZ SNAP: Pink Noire owner welcomes re-opening as a grand step in the right direction

Chasity Monroe, the owner of Pink Noire Beauty Supply and Cosmetics, was a picture of excitement during her store’s recent grand re-opening.

Pink Noire, located at 152 N. Avalon, opened in April. The re-opening (June 30) was made grand with the addition of 1,500 more square feet of space.

“So we will have over 3300 square feet of all things beauty. We’ll also have two vanities where we will be providing services as well.”

Monroe said Pink Noire focuses on delivering three things:

“One having great friends. Two is having outstanding customer service and three is really having great esthetics. If your shop is for beauty, you want to feel beautiful and be in a beautiful space.”

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