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‘Get Out’ is a comedy — according to the Golden Globes

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Get Out is certainly ready to take home gold this awards season after blowing us all away as the smash horror hit of the year, but according to the Golden Globes, it’s really a comedy.

Variety Awards Editor Kristopher Tapley tweeted out the news that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association had met and given their opinion: Get Out would be considered in the “Best Comedy or Musical” category.

Apparently, Jordan Peele‘s biting satire has just enough humor in it that the association believes it should be considered as a comedy. Get Out might not fit one particular box, because it is a horror movie with a sharp political condemnation of race relations, but you’d think it would be considered a drama, not a comedy.

–‘Get Out’ and ‘It’ make 2017 the biggest year in horror movie history–

The Golden Globes have a long history of putting movies in the “Best Comedy or Musical” category that objectively belong in the drama category, with The Martian being one of the most recent examples.

The nomination of The Martian in the comedy category was seen as a blatant attempt by the association to net awards for the movie without making it compete in the category to which it belonged, and has since forced the association to change its rules to make sure that dramas with jokes in them are considered where they belong.

You’d think that would put Get Out firmly in the drama category, but the Golden Globes apparently disagree.

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