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Joy Lane, Facebook killer’s ex-girlfriend, meets with victim’s family

Joy Lane, the former girlfriend of “Facebook killer” Steve Stephens, is still trying to come to terms with everything that happened after her ex recorded himself killing a man and posted it the social media site.

Lane met with the family of Robert Godwin Sr., who Stephens murdered on Easter Sunday after making Godwin say her name, and said that she is still trying to “pick up the pieces.”

“I feel bad; the last thing he would have said is my name and he didn’t know me or why he was saying,” Lane told the family.

“The hashtags Joy Lane, Joy Lane massacre, I don’t even know who Joy Lane is anymore, or how to pick up all the pieces of my world at this moment,” Lane told Fox 8 in Cleveland. “I’ve got a lot of negative comments. Some even said he should have killed me.”

However, Godwin’s family doesn’t blame Lane for what happened.

“We know it is not her fault,” Robert Godwin, Jr. told the station earlier this week. “She should not feel like it’s her fault.”

Lane was placed into protective custody while police were searching for Stephens, before at last, Stephens was found by police before taking his own life after a tense police chase.



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