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MPD Chief Davis: More officers being investigated; all ‘specialized’ units under review

Two Novembers ago, a specialized Memphis Police Department unit was put on the streets to identify surges in motor vehicle thefts and violent crime.

The Street Crimes Operation to Restore Peace in Our Neighborhoods — dubbed the SCORPION unit — now is under a “complete review,” Memphis Police Chief Cerelyn “CJ” Davis revealed in a video released late Wednesday night.

The five officers fired for violating department policy, namely beating 29-year-old Tyre D. Nichols so bad that he died three days later, were assigned to the SCORPION unit.

Now, all specialized units are under review, Davis detailed.

And, for the first time, it was learned that others are under investigation to determine if they performed their duties according to code.

Here’s Chief Davis sharing her view of things:

Also Wednesday, U.S. Atty. Kevin G. Ritz, detailed what he told Nichols’ family about a federal criminal investigation now underway. That’s part of the story below.

Pain and anger fuel calls for action and change

Support for the Nichols family and the pursuit of “Justice for Tyre” is coming from multiple quarters.

Ahead of viewing video footage at Memphis City Hall last Monday, RowVaughn Wells and Rodney Wells, Nichols’ parents,  asked the skateboarding community to show it supports outside. Their son was an avid skateboarder.

Skating for ‘Tyre’

Among the haunting questions the horrific beating and Nichols’ death poses is this:

Where was the de-escalation?


Tyre Nichols’ family showed determination from the jump to get “Justice for Tyre.”

Family embraces ‘exposure’ in pursuit of ‘justice for Tyre’


The intersection of the pursuit of “Justice for Tyre” and grieving the loss.

The death of Tyre D. Nichols: A memorial service, investigations and pending release of video-footage

Then, a step toward justice.


Fired! Five officers terminated in connection with ‘tragic death’ of Tyre D. Nichols

It was a step that caught many off guard.

‘I just didn’t expect to see five Black faces’

With the volume increasing for the release of video footage to the public, Tyre Nichols’ family saw what there is during a private setting at Memphis City Hall.

Family’s viewing of video footage strengthens resolve to get ‘Justice For Tyre’


The rawness of the community tragedy cuts deep and no one feels it more than Tyre’s mother, RowVaughn Wells.

Tyre was her heart!






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