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‘ORRdinary Lessons’ written for troubling times

After 31 years of preaching the gospel, Pastor Bartholomew Orr, senior pastor of Brown Baptist Church in Southaven, MS., has taken the advice from one of his former professors at Christian Brothers University to place his writings, sermons and thoughts into a book.

Rev. Dr. Bartholomew Orr (Courtesy photo)

On Sept. 19, he released his book entitled, “ORRdinary Lessons,” which offers practical advice about the daily situations that people encounter and describes the seven key principles for an extraordinary life..

The book shares lessons that can be applied in real-life situations, and relates to many of the trials and tribulations during the pandemic and COVID-19.

Stay-at-home orders and social distancing guidelines have forced many people to attend worship services online. Many Mid-South families are facing financial and health challenges as murder rates are rising in Memphis and cities nationwide.

“During this time, we need to watch our words; life and death are in the power of tongue, stop complaining and don’t allow negativity to control our behavior,” Pastor Orr advises.

“Through this book, I hope to encourage those who have lost jobs or loved ones during the pandemic and have wondered what’s next for them,” said Orr. “I understand the stress that can be caused by poverty, fear, and loss, but, as I share in the book, it’s possible to have peace in the midst of your circumstances.”

This is a good time to make worship service a priority and find ways to connect with people, he said. Since the pandemic, his church has seen an increase in members.

“I have more members now, than pre-COVID-19. Members have joined online; this is our virtual membership,” said Pastor Orr.

The book draws upon a number of life lessons taken from the Bible. For example, Pastor Orr uses a story about Pharaoh and the Egyptians as a metaphor for dealing with life challenges and issues. The Biblical story in Exodus describes how the Egyptians were in bondage under Pharaoh’s leadership, a story that still resonates today.

“I preached a sermon about self-destructive behaviors and I wanted to share tips and guidance on ways to overcome them,” Orr explained.

In “ORRdinary Lessons,” the Rev. Dr. Bartholomew Orr gives practical advice about situations that people encounter daily. (Courtesy photo)

A virtual book-signing was recently hosted on the church’s campus so members could purchase the book, which is available for $20.

“ORRdinary Lessons was so captivating and true to life, and I could not put it down,” said Nellie Sanders, one of the church members. “I completed it after midnight. The key takeaway is a true servant with an attitude of servitude . . . with a heart of obedience to our Lord and Savior. Everyone has to read this book written by a true servant of God preaching and teaching people of God.”

The book can be purchased directly from bartholomeworr.org and from Brown Baptist Church bookstore located at 980 Stateline Road E. Southaven, MS.

(Paula Anderson is a freelance journalist. She can be reached at writingbydesign7@gmail.com.)

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