By TSD Newsroom

Marvis Farris, a junior at Hollis F. Price Middle College High School, spent some time during the holiday break visiting with young architects at Self+Tucker Architects and preparing for a commemoration and heritage project honoring Dr. King in 2018.

Farris is a student at Hollis F. Price Middle College High School located on the campus of The LeMoyne-Owen College, where he will graduate from high school in 2018, then study architecture.

Self+Tucker Architects, Inc. has mentored, trained and hired aspiring architectural students and interns over the past two decades. Farris spent part of his day with several young staff members at the firm.

Farris is also the chairman for the newly created MLK Memphis 50/ Student Coordinating Committee (M50-SCC), which will engage, train and promote young historians during the 50th anniversary of the loss of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Memphis (1968).

The 2017 work of the Student Coordinating Committee will deliver innovation and engagement to young people, highlighting the heritage of the geographic area near Soulsville USA, the importance of two major national museums to Memphis’ children and families, and the economic opportunities that will be available to them as the nation (and the world) observes the centennial commemoration of Dr. King’s death.

(Source: Tony Nichelson, “Man of the House” Economic Mentoring)