It’s been almost a year since Prince’s shocking and untimely death, and one of his closest friends and collaborator, Sheila E., says she still misses him.

During an interview with Yahoo Global News’ Katie Couric, Sheila E. opened up about her loss. When asked what she misses most about Prince, she explained, “Just calling me on the phone, just hanging out. We loved sports, so we would, we’re very competitive.We would play ping pong, pool, basketball. We’d go to the movies, hang out, just, you know, kind of like normal things…besides the music, just normal things.

“We talked about, you know, what are we going to do in 10 years or where the world’s going to be and, you know, just everything. It’s everything and just being a friend and, you know, the competitiveness of our relationship.”

“You know, I miss his smile,” she added. “I miss his smell. And that’s where, when you lose someone, you have something that is theirs. And you smell it to see if they’re still there. That gets me every time.”

You can check out Couric’s full interview with Sheila E. here.