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SLIDESHOW: Team City wins in Celebrity Matchup of the Mayors

Memphis recently hosted the annual Heal the Hood Celebrity Basketball Game, an event that brought together city and county leaders, including Memphis Mayor Paul Young and Shelby County Mayor Lee Harris, to promote unity and support for local youth programs.

This high-profile game, held on June 8, 2024, featured a friendly yet competitive match between city and county officials, drawing significant attention and support from the community.

During the halftime of this celebrated event, former Memphis Grizzlies star Tony Allen was honored with the Heal the Hood Foundation’s first-ever Heroes of Change Award, recognizing his impactful community work and dedication to uplifting Memphis youth.

The final score of the Heal the Hood Celebrity Basketball Game saw Memphis Mayor Paul Young’s city team triumph over Shelby County Mayor Lee Harris’s county team by a narrow margin of five points.

The game not only provided thrilling entertainment but also served as a significant fundraising effort, with proceeds benefiting the youth initiatives of the Heal the Hood Foundation, which focuses on providing positive outlets for young people through various programs and activities.

The event highlighted the power of sports to unite and inspire, with attendees enjoying the unique opportunity to see their local leaders and sports figures collaborate for a common cause. The Heal the Hood Foundation continues to make strides in fostering a safer and more supportive environment for the youth of Memphis, reinforcing the message that community engagement and support can create lasting positive change.

Explore the highlights and memorable moments from the event in our slideshow, featuring captivating photos and detailed captions that capture the spirit and excitement of this year’s Heal the Hood Celebrity Basketball Game.

TSD Photographer Gary S. Whitlow was on hand to get these images . . . check ’em out!

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