WATCH: With no answers from NCAA, Memphis Tigers “just have to keep pushing,” Penny Hardaway says


Still no word on when – or if – the NCAA will restore James Wiseman’s eligibility. But the season marches on, and Memphis Tigers head coach Penny Hardaway said Tuesday that he and the team are pushing through the ordeal.

During his weekly media availability, Hardaway folded his arms and was literally shaking his head as he carefully and succinctly fielded questions about when Wiseman will return.

“It seems like when it comes to Memphis, man, it’s like . . . I don’t know. We can’t get an answer,” Hardaway said. “Last year, we waited a long time on Lance Thomas. Now we’re waiting on Isaiah Stokes.

“And James.”

Later, Hardaway turns the session to look ahead to the Tigers’ upcoming game against the University of Arkansas-Little Rock on Nov. 20. Watch Hardaway’s full conversation with media above.